BLAISE LOONG Drawing of Blaise

TORKÉ: tor-keh. Old Norse.
Literally -- "the Strong One".

Title of respect meaning 'weapons instructor' or 'war teacher'.

The Chief Instructor at the Blays-Halla Battle Academy is Torké Blaise Loong. Blaise has been a student of Warcraft for over 20 years. He has spent the majority of those years (since 1979) as a personal disciple of Sifu Dan Inosanto. Authorized to teach both the Filipino and Jun Fan Martial Arts since 1981, Blaise has steadfastly maintained both the Lacoste/Inosanto System and Bruce Lee's Fighting Method in their purest forms.

Blaise with Dan Inosanto

Blaise has also had the privilege of training one-on-one with several of Sifu Inosanto's personal mentors, years before they ever went 'big-time' public. This includes Grandmaster Leo Giron of Bahala Na International, Grandmaster Edgar Sulite of Lameco Eskrima International (private student 1992-1997), and Cikgu Sulaiman Sharif of Silat Seni Gayong America. In 1980, Blaise introduced Ajarn Chai Sirisute to Sifu Inosanto, which brought about the linking of the Filipino Kali Academy with the Thai Boxing Association of America.

Following the advice of Sifu Inosanto, Blaise has often traveled to South East Asia in order to perfect his fighting skills. Blaise has lived with the Minangkabau of Sumatra, the Tausugs of Sulu, and with an old hermitic Wali Suci in Central Java. Each of these tribes are devoutly Muslim. Although Blaise is a Jesus believing Christian, he overcame anti-Western and anti-Christian prejudices to become the first non-muslim to ever be taught some of these tribes' closely guarded Warcraft secrets. Blaise has since been given a Muslim name and carries the Melayu title of Hulubalang (Warlord). Blaise was further honored when the legendary Bugis Warlord Mahaguru Dato' (Datu) Meor Abdul Rahman, the leader of over 800,000 warriors, formally adopted him as his son.

Being part Chiricahua Apache, Blaise sought out his relatives on the San Carlos and Fort Apache Indian reservations in South Eastern Arizona. After proving himself worthy to the elders, the old Grandfathers (since 1985) have meticulously trained Blaise in 3 areas : hunting and survival, Nagondzog -- the uniquely Apache brand of guerrilla warfare, made famous by such Warchiefs as Geronimo and Cochise, and Diyin, the Apache realm of supernatural Power.

Blaise's search for Warcraft ultimately led him to Scandinavia, where he lived and trained in several remote villages above the Arctic Circle, learning the Old Norse arts of battle. Men such as Sigurd Krystalsson, Thorfinn Sigmundsson, and Kulbay Torsson taught Blaise the use of sword, shield, spear, battleaxe, bow, knife, and warhammer.

In 1985, Blaise was called upon to help establish a Combatives Course for the 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne) -- that's Green Berets to you civilians. Blaise has since trained Special Operations personnel in 3 areas : sentry neutralization [empty-hand, knife, garrote], close quarter termination, and improvised weapons ["caveman technology"].

All of this accumulated martial knowledge -- WARCRAFT, as we call it -- is taught and mastered at the Blays-Halla Battle Academy, the anvil where Warriors are forged!

The legendary Dato'Meor Abdul Rahman, Bugis warlord of over 800,000 warriors. I was honored to be formally adopted by him in December 1990. This photo was taken at his mountaintop compound in Taiping, Perak.

Family potrait. Dato' with his daughter Cikgu Kalsom, his grandkids, several of his trusted warriors, and me.

I trained privately with Cikgu Sulaiman Sharif in the early 1990's. Cikgu Aiman is Dato's appointed leader for the perpetuation of Silat Seni Gayong in America.

My Gayong certificate.

My Gayong ID card serial #001.