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Dear Sirs,

Please accept my regards and respects. I had the pleasure to visit your web site recently, My name is Ja'afar Zahdeh from Al-Khaleel city ,west bank,Palestine. I'm a martial arts instructor, I have studied several arts,like karate shotokan do,Ikido,kravmega,and shaolin kung fu,i'm specialist and teaching shaolin kung fu,my students learned and practiced other martial arts but now all of us are practicing and learning kung fu. We are very interested in Silat and heared,saw,read,alot about some silat and its styles or systems.Since we are Muslems and Silat is considered as an Islamic Martial Art, and since Islam order muslems to seak for scince and knowledge ,and that a muslem should always learn and study,We are very interested in learning and studieng Silat. I have learned and studied several martial arts,for a long time,but I have not found what I'm looking for yet, since that all of these martail arts takes the students at end to budism,since you can't reach the highest levels and knouledge untill you become budhi,the insturctors or the origions of these arts are from China and Japan,Korea ,and depends and built on budhism and Taoism foundations .we are looking for a martail art built on Islamic foundation a complete art like Silat.we couldn't read and understand what is written in your homepage since it is not in english or arabic. We are asking for your help to know more and learn Silat. How can you help us ? what do you advise?......... Awaiting for your appreciated and respected advice,comments,suggestions,......,we remain. Looking forward to receiving from you very soon.

With best regards and respects,
yours faithfuly
Ja'afar Zahdeh


Dear Brother Radzwan bin Abdul Razak

It has been really a long time since you have not reply to my fax. Please reply to me at your earliest respecting The introduction of Sila style in Mauritius. All our members are pestering me to know what is happening since you don't write anything. I hope you will reply as soon as possible, InsaAllah.

Brotherly yours,

Mohamad Yasin Owadally
Coach and President of the Port-Louis Wushu Association
45, Alma street
Tel (230) 2401820
Fax (230) 2085374

Jazak Allah. Hope you will reply very soon.


I am an American gayong practitioner. I just want to say that gayong is a great art, and I am very happy for the chance to train in it. My teacher is of course malaysian, his name is cikgu Sheik Shamsudin Salim. I also trained with his brother cikgu Sheik Shamsul Salim. We are part of the gayong Malaysia association. There is so much to gayong, it is a great art. Take care.


Gene Scott


I am a french gayong practiser and next week we have a demonstration, do you know where I could find special and traditional malasyan music to download (free) it and then to use it on a CD for this demo
thank you
see you soon

vandame alexis


Assalamu alaikum brothers

I'm Mohamed Bejaoui student of master Mohamed Moncef Abdallah Al-wergui(student of master meor Abderahman, from Tunisia, he married our sister Norma abdulaziz,she is from malaysia). I live in Great Britain and I want to continue my studies with you.

Please could you contact me A.S.A.P to give me more information about subscription and don't hesitate to contact me for further information.

Wa salamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allah

You brother Mohamed



saya Mohamed Mustaffa dari cawangan Australia beralamat:45 Sunray circle Ellenbrook W.A. Perth 6069 phone & fax no.:0892967164. Tolong hantar kan newsletter dan magazine silat di alamat di atas.Saya ingin register silat seni gayong Australia di Malaysia sebab silat gayong Australia terlah begerak selama 12 tahun di Australia. Dan saya dengan peringkatan bengkong hitam tiga stripe oleh perguruan silat seni gayong singapura.sekian terimakaseh.



Asalaamualaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh

Great Gayong website!

Can you please add our website to your links page ?

We are a new Silat organisation in the Uk representing PSSGM under Ketua Khalifa Cikgu Ariffin Mahidin, Seni Silat Haqq Melayu & others our web site is


Wassalam & Hormat

Sulaiman. S. Lee