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I am an American gayong practitioner. I just want to say that gayong is a great art, and I am very happy for the chance to train in it. My teacher is of course malaysian, his name is cikgu Sheik Shamsudin Salim. I also trained with his brother cikgu Sheik Shamsul Salim. We are part of the gayong Malaysia association. There is so much to gayong, it is a great art. Take care.


Gene Scott

Hi Gene,

Thanks for writing to me. It's a great pleasure receiving news from another fellow Gayong practioner from other side of the globe.

I've seen Gayong Amerika homepage and feel very proud of the efforts taken by two Gayong practioners-instructors, Cikgu Sheikh Shamsuddin and Cikgu Sulaiman Sharif. I've been told that Cikgu Sheikh Shamsuddin is the son of S.M.Salim, the famous male singer in Malaysia. My teacher told me that Cikgu Sheikh Shamsuddin is famous for his sommersaults in his silat youth days. If you see my photo collections(in Gayong University of Malaya Homepage - Gayong in Action!), you can spot Cikgu Sheikh sparred with two other Gayong practioners. He is the one who hold a machette, if i've not mistaken. That picture was taken in 1979, during Gayong demonstration in University of Malaya compound.

I hope someday yau can visit Malaysia and practise with our fellow Malaysian Gayong practioners.

Please send my regards to Cikgu Sheikh Shamsuddin and Gayong Amerika silat practioners, and do keep in touch.

Hello Onn,

yes, Sheik Shamsudin's father is the famous male singer. He has been here a couple times to visit. Wow, I'll have to tell cikgu Shamsuding you have a picture of him in your malay web site doing acrobats. Can you send me a direct link, and then I'll foreward it onto him? He will be glad to see it. He still does all his flipps and jumps. I try, but I'm not very good at the hand springs, ha ha. I did jump over several people though, that was ok. Cikgu Shamsudin( we just call he Sam), still does all the workouts with us.

You should sell gayong equipment from your web site, we here might buy things from you. Yes, I would love to go Malaysia, maybe someday. Shamsuding said we can go with him when he visits. You guys can always come out this way to. Our school is close right now, but opening again real soon. Take care.



Hi Scott,

Here I forward to you a picture of Cikgu Shamsuddin during Gayong demonstration in the University of Malaya compound in 1979, long before he's departed to USA.

If I've not been mistaken, Cikgu Sheikh Shamsuddin is on the righthand side of the picture, but I'm afraid that he's not doing any sommersault on the picture.

Your idea of selling Gayong equipments sounds OK to me but the handling and postage fees is far more expensive than the cost of the selling items itself. Furthermore, the method of payment via credit cards is new to us. For time being, there is no single thing claimed exclusively being the Gayong product. Gayong is one of the various Pencak Silat groups found in Malaysia. So, the training equipments is almost the same as been used by other silat groups. The only weapon exclusively belongs to Gayong is SUNDANG LIPAS, the long straight and double-edged sword. This sword belongs to Bugis warriors who inhabited Celebes islands in Indonesia. Daeng Kuning, the late great grandfather of our late grandmaster, Dato' Meor Abdul rahman is a descendant of the Bugis king. This is part of Gayong history and development. You can see the picture of the sundang lipas below(attachment). What differentiate Gayong from other forms of silat is our techniques. But the weapons being used are the same.

I've attached below a picture of training scene in Malaysia, the almost old way. You can click the link below to see the full pictures of our Malaysian Gayong training.

The picture was taken during one of my intensive weapons training, held in Taiping. The house at the background of the picture is the late Mahaguru's home. The gelanggang(training compound) fence is made of coconut leaves, like the training of the old ways.

OK Scott, gtg, have a nice day...

Send my regards to Cikgu Sheikh Shamsuddin, and do keep in touch.


Hello Onn Jadi,

Gene here. Thank you very much for sending those

pictures of cikgu Shamsudin to me, and the link to your other web site. I sent that picture to cikgu Shamsudin, and he was very greatful. I went to dinner with him and his brother that same night, and he talked about it. I never seen him with long hair like that. He was kind of embarresed, ha ha. He also liked your other web site. I realy like the pictures. It's nice for people like me to be able to see how gayong is practiced in Malaysia. I hope to make it there sometime, maybe soon. My teachers are trying to talk me into going there at the end of summer. If I can I will, it's expensive. I also don't like flying that much, ha ha.

Do you know anything about cikgu Salomon Sherrief? I hope I spelled his name right. Do you know who I'm talking about? I think some people call him Iman, or something like that. Do you know anything about him at all? He is the other guy teaching here in the USA.

How often do you train? Well, take care. Talk to you later.



Hi Gene...

Thanks for writing to me again.

It's a great pleasure hearing you and Cikgu Shamsuddin like my pictures a lot.

You've talked about Cikgu Salomon Sherrief. I presume it is Cikgu Sulaiman Sharif that you've mentioned for. Yup've mispelled Cikgu Sulaiman's name...ha ha

Personally, I have no knowledge about Cikgu Sulaiman, beside all informations about him in his website. But he once or twice contacted me and informed me about his new website and new e-mail. Actually, I've seen Cikgu Sulaiman picture back in 1997 in Cikgu Shamsuddin website. My teacher told me that Cikgu Sulaiman get most of his knowledge of Gayong from Cikgu Majid Mat Isa, the founder of Silat Pusaka Gayong, and one of the few senior Gayong instructors in Malaysia. I've also seen Cikgu Sulaiman's appointed letters as the official representatives of PSSGM(Gayong Malaysia) ang PSSGPGM(Pusaka Gayong Malaysia) in USA. Pusaka Gayong was founded by Cikgu Majid in 1978. The organisation is differed from Gayong Malaysia, but the curriculum still the same.Pusaka Gayong still use the original Silat Gayong as their curriculum. Nowadays, there are many efforts taken to unify Gayong, especially Gayong Malaysia and Pusaka Gayong. I do hope one day, there is only one Gayong, that is Silat Seni Gayong.You know Gene, even in Gayong Malaysia organisation, there are much fuss; too much politics. You see, in a big organisation like PSSGM, the proverb "too many cooks spoilt the soup" can be seen. There are too many who claimed that they are the most seniors and capable. You can ask Cikgu Shamsuddin about the politics in Gayong family. But I do hope that we as the new Gayong generations do not get caught in this mess. Long live Gayong!

By the way, you can join Gayong discussion in:

I've learned a lot about Gayong Amerika here.

If you wish to visit Cikgu Kalthom in taiping, I suggest you write to her first. Maybe she could arrange for a crash course in Gayong.Although her health is not in a good condition, she sure can find you some good instructors from Perak region, the direct disciples of our late Mahaguru himself. There's a lot to learn from our senior teachers, especially the true essence of Gayong. It's worth it to your long journey here. What you should do is pay a certain amount of fees, for accommodations and courses.

OK back to your main question, I train in Gayong two or three times a week. But mainly, I trained with my instructor in Gombak(Cikgu Ridzwan's gelanggang) every saturday night. He teaches me intermediate and advance level of lessons.My usual gelanggang in University of Malaya, only concern with beginners level. I do teach in this gelanggang. But for my own lessons, I go to Gombak. Once or twice a year, I have gone to Taiping for intensive courses, basically from my own proposal forwarded to Cikgu Kalthom, our late mahaguru's daughter.

OK Gene, gtg. talk to you later.Send my regards to Cikgu Shamsuddin and Cikgu Shamsul.


Hello Onn Jadi,

Gene here again. Just want to give you some info, but please keep this between us. There is also politics here in gayong. Cikgu Solaiman is not the sole representative to gayong here. Cikgu Shamsudin was also given the title of rep for gayong malaysia to the USA and Europe. He has the same level of authority of gayong malaysia association here as Solaiman does, but cikgu Solaiman does'nt mention this in his web site. It only mentions that he is the sole rep for gayong malaysia here, but thats not true. Also, Pak Majied gave cikgu Shamsudin a similar title of rep, I believe so anyway. For some reason the people at Gayong Amerika don't like to recognize cikgu Shamsudin as a rep for gayong here, they think we are all under cikgu Solaiman, but we are not. In their web site it mentions all the gayong students in America as students of Solaiman, but we are not. I was never a student of Solaiman, none of us in Illinois were. We are students of Shamsudin. For this reason I did not go to Solaimans school when the others here from Illinois went to visit. We here in Illinois have been training in gayong much longer then Solaimans students have, but because Gayong Amerika was started by Solaiman, he made his students our seniors. Cikgu Shamsudin is a very quiet, passive type of person. He never gets angry. He's a very nice person. It made me mad when he did'nt get the recognition he deserves, and then these strangers who have been training less then half the time we have come up and say they are our seniors. I don't think so. Anyways, we are no longer gayong Amerika, only gayong Malaysia. Cikgu Shamsudin brother is trying to move back here to the USA, and if he does they want to open a regular school, and only be gayong malaysia. Until then, when we start training again as a group, we will just keep to ourselves. We train in cikgu Shamsudins backyard. Right now we are not because it is still cold here.

So, as you can see there are polotics here also. Mainly because there are only 2 teachers until Shamsudins brother moves back, then Shamsudin and shamsul will have a place, and solaiman will have his place. Maybe we all will be friends here again sometime, but right now we will just keep to ourselves, and avoid polotics. Again, keep this between us. Take care.



Hi Gene,

Thanks for your invaluable informations. It surprising me knowing that Gayong Amerika has the same kind of problems - politics!

I think the major problem came from the two different organisations involved - Gayong Malaysia and Pusaka Gayong Malaysia. Cikgu Shamsuddin is purely Gayong Malaysia by heart while Cikgu Sulaiman is purely Pusaka Gayong. The conflict between Gayong Malaysia and Pusaka Gayong is well-knowned and prolonged. Now, the conflict has acrossed the Atlantic Ocean to USA. My opinion is, we should stick to the original organisation that was founded by our late Mahaguru, that is Pertubuhan Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia. Your idea of opening new school under Gayong Malaysia banner is the right move. Please contact Cikgu Kalthom in Taiping for any assistance.

Cikgu Kalthom can be contacted via:

Cikgu Siti Kalthom binti Dato'Meor Abdul Rahman
No. 71, Jalan Ayer Kuning,
34000 Taiping,
West Malaysia.

For your information, our late Mahaguru was very disappointed when he heard that Cikgu Majid opened a new organisation. He once told his senior students that he only recognized his own organisation, that is Pertubuhan Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia, and thats all. Gayong Malaysia was founded in 1963. Our late Mahaguru took more than half of his age to propagate Gayong in Malaysia. Started in 1942, until his death in 1991, he still with his beloved organisation(PSSGM).

Although Pusaka Gayong claimed that they also part of the Gayong family, portion of the registration fees of new students intake are not given to the Mahaguru or any of his kinship. The same happens to other Gayong branches. Only PSSGM keeps Mahaguru and his family alive!

Speaking of Cikgu Sulaiman, I wonder where did he get his Panglima Hitam title. I have asked many of my teachers about that title. According to my teachers, there was no such title. Maybe the title Panglima Hitam(The Black Knight) is referred to Pelangi Hitam(literally translated as Black Rainbow). Pelangi Hitam is a title given to anyone who hold the highest ranking blackbelt in one's country. Furthermore, the title system was used by our late Mahaguru and given to his fellow students long before the belt ranking system was employed. In 50's or 60's, the selected student was given certain title, accordance to his specialities. If the student shows some fierceness and aggresiveness in combat fighting, he will be entitled Kumbang Hitam, or The Fearsome Puma/Cougar. If his kicking technique is comparatively good and fastest, he will be entitled Kuda Gila(The Crazy Horse).

If I've not been mistaken, Cikgu Sulaiman's shoulder-sash(sandang) is carried by someone who has been entitled "Pelangi Hitam"(the one who has highest ranking blackbelt in one's country). Cikgu Majid was once the highest ranking teacher in 1964 - 1978. He hold that kind of sash before!

As far as I know, Cikgu Majid is not the sole inheritor of the Gayong heritage. There are many others of senior Gayong teachers in Malaysia. Some have learned Gayong much longer than Cikgu Majid's. In Singapore, there are two noted instructors who learn Gayong since 1950. One is Cikgu Hussain Kaslan who started learning Gayong in 1950, while Cikgu Majid only started learning Gayong in 1957. In 1961, Cikgu Majid was being taught the keris lessons by Cikgu Nordin Abd.Rahman. Cikgu Nordin is still alive today and actively teaching Gayong in Perlis. Before our late Mahaguru pass away, he appointed Cikgu Kalthom, his daughter,as the sole inheritor of the Gayong heritage. Cikgu Kalthom is the only person who acted as Mahaguru's righthand person until Mahaguru's death in 1991. Since 1962 to 1991(nearly 30 years), Cikgu Kalthom studying Gayong under his beloved father. Cikgu Majid trained under Mahaguru until 1978, that is before he founded another Gayong organization.

OK to you later.

Please do keep this informations just between us.

Send my regards to Cikgu Shamsuddin and Cikgu Shamsul.

Hi's me Onn again. I forgot to attached pictures of Cikgu Sulaiman's shoulder sash and Cikgu Majid's shoulder sash in my last e-mail before, for comparing reasons. Below is the pictures of Cikgu Sulaiman and Cikgu Majid. Please see their sash in common! They have the same sash! In Gayong Malaysia's hierarchy, that shoulder sash belongs to someone who has entitled Pelangi Hitam, that is one's who hold the highest ranking blactbelt in one's country. OK keep in touch!


Hello Onn Jadi,

Gene here. Hope things are well with you at this time. I just through e-mail with a guy who says he has a silat magazine in malaysia. He told me he interviewed Datu Meor before he died. He said Datu talked about the time he fought and beat Bruce Lee in Hong Kong, have you ever heared this before? I'm totally serious, not jokeing, he said Datu fought Bruce. I'm sorry, but I find that hard to believe. I always hear stories of people who fought Bruce. Its not that I don't think Datu could beat Bruce, but I doubt they ever met. I think that would have been public news by now. What do you think?



Hi Gene...

It's nice to hear from you again... Actually, I'd heard from my close friends and my former instructor that Dato'Meor was once fought with the late Bruce Lee. Dato' Meor himself talked to them in 1980s before he passed away. The incident occured in 1973, several months before Bruce Lee was found tragically death. Actually, they were not "fight" in a real sense. They fought in a more friendly sparred. Bruce Lee was anxious to see silat practioner in actions. He had heard many rumours about silat invincibility. Moreover, some of his students had came to Malaysia, seeking any martial arts exponent to fight Bruce Lee, in 1972. Bruce's student were easily defeated by Dato' Meor Rahman in Taiping. This story was told by Cikgu Ahmad Lazim, one of the senior Gayong instructor in Malaysia. In my website, I've also mentioned about Dato'Meor fight with Bruce Lee. Actually, the magazine author has quoted mine for his magazine material. You could ask Cikgu Sheikh Samsuddin to translate the full story for you. Personally, I believe that Dato' Meor was once fought Bruce Lee in Hong Kong. The year was 1973, when Dato' Meor had to change airplane(transit) from London to Singapore. If I'm not mistaken, Dato' Meor use his technique called Kipas Nandung to defeat Bruce Lee. This technique is metaphysic in nature. Dato' fought Bruce Lee in a private room/restaurant near the Hong Kong airport compound. I have that magazine you're talking about but sorry to say it was written in Malay. You can surf the magazine website at:

You can ask the editor for a copy of their magazine that mentioned Dato's story.

OK Gene, send my regards to Cikgu Sheikh and his brother.


Asalaamualaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh

Great Gayong website !

Can you please add our website to your links page ?

We are a new Silat organisation in the Uk representing PSSGM under Ketua Khalifa Cikgu Ariffin Mahidin, Seni Silat Haqq Melayu & others our web site is


Wassalam & Hormat

Sulaiman. S. Lee



Apa khabar orang di sana? Nama saya Saiful dan saya adalah seorang mahasiswa dari Universiti Kebangsaan Singapura. Baru-baru ini, saya telah menolong menubuhkan kelab Silat Gayong di sana dan masih memegang jawatan pengerusi.

Sebenarnya, saya sudah lama berhajat untuk mengeratkan pertalian diantara kelab-kelab silat di menara gading serantau tetapi telah menghadapi beberapa masalah dengan kelab saya. Maklumlah, bilangan mahasiswa-mahasiswa Muslim/Melayu hanya segelintir saja di sini.

Walaupun begitu, saya masih minat terhadap seni silat dan mahu menolong menyebarkannya. Kebetulannya, saya akan ke Kuala Lumpur untuk cuti pada minggu hadapan dan saya ingin menyertai latihan silat seni gayong. Saya mendapat tahu bahawa, kelab silat di UM akan mengadakan latihan pada hari Selasa, belakang Baktisiswa. Saya tidak pasti akan lokasi tempat ini, dan menanya jika saya boleh menghubungi sesiapa yang boleh menolong untuk menunjukkan tempatnya.

Saya mempunyai bengkung merah cula satu dan dilatih oleh Cikgu Aziz di Bukit Batok. Saya berharap e-mail ini dapat dijawab dengan secepat mungkin...

Terima kasih dan salam hormat...


Waalaikumussalam Nizam,

Terima kasih kerana mengirim e-mail kepada saya. Untuk pengetahuan Nizam, Persatuan Silat Seni Gayong UM masih wujud cuma agak kurang aktif disebabkan masalah pentadbiran yang agak lembap.

Untuk pengetahuan Nizam lagi, saya sebagai webmaster PSSGMUM tidak lagi bertugas di Universiti Malaya. Pada masa sekarang saya bertugas di Institut Terjemahan Negara Malaysia, di Wangsa maju, Kuala Lumpur. Jadi, saya tidak lagi dapat mengikuti perkembangan Gayong di UM.

Di sini saya sertakan no.telefon gurulatih gelanggang UM untuk dihubungi:

Cikgu Fadhil bin Ibrahim
Tel: 03-7594854(office)

Tentang latihan di UM, memang benar latihan dijalankan pada setiap Selasa dan Khamis(kalau hari tidak hujan), dari jam 5.30 - 7.00 malam.

Baktisiswa merupakan nama bangunan yang menempatkan kantin dan Pejabat Keselamatan UM(head office pengawal keselamatan UM). Letaknya berhampiran bangunan Dewan Tunku canselor UM. Tempat latihan adalah di kawasan lapang(padang rumput) di antara bangunan Baktisiswa dan setor sukan.

Saya harap Nizam dapat menghubungi Cikgu Fadhil terlebih dahulu sebab kadangkala walaupun cuaca baik tetapi latihan kerap ditangguhkan kerana gurulatih tidak dapat hadir. Seingat saya, ada seorang penuntut asal Melaka bernama Rizal Husin yang mengambil alih tempat Cikgu fadhil jika gurulatih ada halangan untuk hadir. Rizal ini daripada Gayong Melaka dan anak angkat Cikgu Ismail Jantan. Cikgu Ismail Jantan pula mempelajari Gayong di Singapura(Gayong PASAK) daripada Pak Cik Hussain Kaslan sehingga beroleh bengkung hitam(1975). Saya perhatikan silibus Gayong Melaka hampir sama dengan silibus Gayong PASAK. Rizal adalah pemegang bengkung Kuning. Mungkin Rizal ini sekarang adalah sebahagian daripada ahli jawatankuasa Silat Seni Gayong UM. Berkenal-kenalanlah dengan beliau.

Di Kuala Lumpur ini, banyak gelanggang Gayong yang aktif. Salah satunya di Taman Nirwana, Ampang di bawah kelolaan Cikgu Kahar Redza. Latihan dijalankan pada hari Jumaat(malam), Sabtu(malam) dan Ahad(malam). Cikgu Kahar boleh dihubungi di no. tel.03-4531451/03-4577929



In the name of Allah

Dear Brother Onn bin Mohd Jadi,

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt

Radwan left Mauritius thi week, but i, as the president and coach of the Port-Louis Wushu association was much disappointed with him. He was not a friend but a hypocrite! I was discouraged to come and study silat in Malaysia by Radwan so as he would come and teach me, but once he was here he was more close to my students than me, who by the grace of Allah did everything for him. If you are not sincere before the one who made you come here, then what sincerity you would have before Allah!!!

I'm an international coach in wushu, sanda boxing and taichi. I'm gold and silver medallists in the international tounament took place in China 1996, i'm not a child in martial art, but Radwan was trying to get my students at my back to make his business prospering!!What a cheap man!!!

I gave him a big welcome with banners everywhere and with press (paper report) but he turned out to be not a true Muslim brother. You know yourself how much i strived and how much i made efforts to learn this style only because i love to know that there is an Islamic martial art but in vain. What he taught me, you would laugh!! only the basic techniques for less tha a white belt in silat. Dear brother Onn, you could have introduced me to a real master. Because a real master is someone who knows how to be sincere to a president and coach. He taught onlt 4 hours on this 15 days he had been here!!Surprising isn't it?

Some of my studenst also sided to him But this is something good, none of my students knew what silat was, i told them muh before i contacted you, now they are thinking that Radwan would come again and again to teach them. Radzwan changed 4 emails address since i contacted him and fax number also. Formerly he claimed 250 USD AS coah fees, later he asked for 52 USD per student (uniform 30 USD, Application 2 USD, Adat Istiadat-10 USD, and belt 10 USD)and he says in his email "The students will be evaluated to determine their belts after the silat training base on their achievements) The above costs he said, is compulsory and normal procedures to learning silat. He asked me how many students of mine would be present to learn silat, i told him 25, so it is 1360 USD that he would be receiving. Pure money minded. But when he came he did not bring all these things but he brought caps (silat caps) and one for 10 usd, but only four people bought, and i handed over the caps to him. Hr now brought some silat forms and asked every student to fill the forms and to give 10 usd. And there are some students who don't pay in my club because of their financial problem, so he counted and said there are 52 students so you have to give me such and such!!!What nonsense, i gave him about 300 USD, money collected from all students which is more than 250 dollars which formerly he was asking, but he was too greedy, he asked for his coach fee too!!!!You see with what kind of people we are dealing with. We paid his air ticket, lodging, food and everything and he taught me merely nothing, as if we have paind someone for a 15 days journey in Mauritius!!!

He brough three silat magazines in Mauritius to show me, but how cheap he is, when he was about to go he told me to hand over these three magazines to him!!!

May be you are his good friend, but since you was the first one I contacted, i find it good to let you know what experience i had with this chap. He said formerly he would teach me in Mauritius and he discouraged me to come and learn silat in Malaysia, otherwise i wouldhave travelled to Malaysia, now he said to my students to come and learn silat in Malaysia with him.

This is mentality

I could have done many things if he was a tru silat master but he turned to be an imposter. He lies so many times. He did not fulfil what he was bound to do in Mauritius.

Anyway it was a bitter experience, i would like to have a real master in Mauritius not a fake one. And he said the money we handed over to him, would go to the silat association of Malaysia.

Reply to me, and please don't tell him these things, but now you are aware what kind of man he is. I would also post all the email he send me to confirm the contents of my letter.

jazak Allah

Mohamad Yasin Owadally


Dengan nama Allah

Ke hadapan Sdr.Onn bin Mohd.Jadi

Assalamualikum wrt wbt

Radwan meninggalkan Mauritius minggu ini, tetapi saya selaku presiden dan jurulatih Persatuan Wushu Port Louis berasa sangat kecewa dengan beliau. Dia bukan seorang sahabat tetapi seorang yang hipokrit(berpura-pura). Saya dipujuk jangan datang ke Malaysia untuk belajar silat oleh Radwan supaya dia boleh datang ke sini dan mengajar saya, tetapi sebaik dia berada di sini, dia lebih rapat dengan murid saya, yang dengan takdir Allah melakukan apa sahaja untuk dia. Jika kamu tidak jujur dengan seseorang yang membolehkan kamu datang ke mari, maka dengan kejujuran yang manakah kamu ada untuk Allah!

Saya ialah seorang jurulatih wushu antarabangsa,tinju sanda dan taichi. Saya memenangi pingat emas dan perak dalam pertandingan antarabangsa yang berlangsung di China pada 1996. Saya bukan budak hingusan dalam seni bela diri, tetapi Radwan cuba membelakangkan saya dan menjadikan murid saya sumber mata pencarian dia! Betapa murahnya harga diri dia!

Saya beri dia sambutan besar-besaran dengan kain rentang di mana-mana dan memanggil wartawan akhbar tetapi dia rupanya bukan seorang saudara se-Islam yang sejati.

Awak sendiri tahu kan betapa teruknya saya berusaha untuk mempelajari seni(silat) ini tetapi kerana perasaan ingin tahu bahawa terdapat suatu seni bela diri Islam, tetapi semuanya sia-sia belaka. Apa yang dia ajari saya bakal membuat anda tertawa! Hanya teknik asas yang layak diajar kepada penuntut silat di bawah tahap bengkung putih.

Sdr.Onn, awak boleh perkenalkan saya dengan guru yang sebenar-benar guru kerana guru sejati ialah seseorang yang tahu bagaimana untuk berlaku jujur sebagai presiden dan jurulatih. Dia hanya mengajar 4 jam sahaja daripada 15 hari dia berada di sini. Memeranjatkan bukan?

Sesetengah murid saya turut menyebelahi dia. Yang baiknya tidak seorang pun daripada mereka tahu apa itu silat. Saya banyak memberitahu mereka tentang silat sebelum saya hubungi awak(dulu). Sekarang mereka fikir Radwan akan datang lagi dan terus datang untuk mengajar mereka.

Radwan telah menukar alamat e-mail sebanyak 4 kali sejak saya mula menghubungi dia dan juga nombor faks. Sebelum ini dia menuntut bayaran AS$259(RM900) sebagai bayaran jurulatih, kemudian dia minta AS$52(RM200) seorang bagi bayaran - baju silat AS$30(RM114), permohonan masuk silat AS$2(RM7.60), adat istiadat AS$10(RM38) dan bengkung AS$10(RM38) dan dia maklumkan dalam e-mailnya "Murid akan diuji berdasarkan pencapaian mereka untuk menentukan peringkat bengkung selepas mereka mengikuti latihan silat". Kos di atas menurut dia adalah wajib dan sebagai prosedur biasa untuk mempelajari silat. Dia ada tanya kepada saya berapa ramai murid saya yang akan hadir untuk belajar silat. Saya katakan ada 25 orang. Jadi dia akan dapat AS$1360. Betul-betul mata duitan! Tetapi apabila dia sampai di sini, dia tidak membawa semua perkara ini; dia hanya bawa topi silat yang berharga AS$10(RM38) setiap satu. Tetapi hanya 4 orang sahaja yang beli, dan saya pulangkan semula baki topi yang belum terjual. Dia juga membawa borang keahlian dan meminta setiap murid mengisi borang dan membayar AS$10(RM38) setiap orang. Ada juga sesetengah murid saya yang tidak membayar yuran di kelab saya kerana tidak mampu. Radwan telah mengira dan berkata terdapat seramai 52 orang murid jadi saya perlu beri dia sebanyak ini dan ini!!! Mengarut! Saya telah beri dia AS$300, wang yang saya kutip daripada semua murid saya, yakni lebih daripada AS$250 yang dia minta pada awalnya, tetapi dia sangat tamak, dia minta bayaran untuk jurulatih juga!!!

Awak lihat kami berurusan dengan manusia apa ini? Kami bayar tambang kapal terbang dia, penginapan, makanan dan sebagainya tetapi dia mengajar entah apa-apa, tak berbaloi dengan bayaran yang kami keluarkan untuk 15 hari dia di sini.

Dia bawa tiga majalah silat ke Mauritius untuk tunjukkan kepada saya tetapi dia minta balik apabila hendak bertolak pulang ke Malaysia. Betapa rendahnya akhlak dia.

Mungkin awak kawan baik dia, tetapi sebab awak orang pertama yang saya hubungi, sdaya rasa adalah lebih baik saya memberitahu awak pengalaman yang saya peroleh daripada beliau. Dia beritahu saya sebelum ini bahawa dia akan mengajar saya di Mauritius dan dia pujuk saya supaya tidak datang dan belajar di Malaysia, kalau tidak saya sudahpun pergi ke Malaysia. Sekarang dia pula kata kepada murid saya supaya datang ke Malaysia dan belajar silat dengannya di sana.

Apa punya mentaliti.

Saya boleh lakukan banyak benda kalau dia seorang guru silat sejati tetapi dia rupanya seorang penipu. Dia berbohong banyak kali. Dia tidak tunaikan janji dia.

Apa-apa pun, ini adalah suatu pengalaman pahit. Saya ingin sangat mendapat seorang guru sejati di Mauritius dan bukannya guru palsu. Dan dia kata wang yang kami serahkan kepada beliau akan diserahkan kepada persatuan silat di Malaysia.

Tolong balas surat saya dan tolong jangan bagitahu dia tentang perkara yang saya dedahkan ini. Awak sekarang tentu sedar apa jenis manusia dia ni. Saya juga akan mengirim semua e-mail yang dihantar kepada saya untuk mengesahkan kandungan surat saya ini.

Jazak Allah.